Class Benefits

Students receive “The Total Money Make Over Workbook” by Dave Ramsey for the Basic Budgeting 101 class. Other classes like the debt class uses “How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt & Live Prosperously” by Jarrod Mundis for academic support. Every class (i.e. Understanding Investments, Getting Ready to Buy a House, etc.) has supporting books and participants also receive handouts, instruction, questionnaires and a certificate upon completion of the class.

Students can attend classes on the part of a company, non-profit organization, school or desire for improving their financial literacy IQ. The fee for classes are based on the type of subject matter, the length of the class and session module.

Who can benefit from these classes?
Companies, Non-Profit Organizations & Schools, youths as well as older adults.

An individual can attend any class at any time one if being offered or offered through one of our community leaders. Groups can offer these classes to their employees, members, or students. Class fees are from $95-$250 per person (though at-risk individuals receive a 50% discount-subject to eligibility). Non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount per person (subject to 501(c) 3 status verified).

Classes can be facilitated at your location or our office’s training room at no additional cost.

Class Sessions & Lengths
A session is the “type” of financial literacy class a company or participant is interested in such as Basic Budgeting 101, Avoiding Debt, Understanding Investments, etc. Classes can be topic specific for focused learning, multi-topic for a broader knowledge base, or tailor made to fit a company or organization that is sponsoring the class.

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Basic Financial Literacy: these sessions cover the basic concepts of budgets, savings,needs versus wants, money attitudes, understanding credit and credit scores, and avoiding debt.


Advanced Financial Literacy: these sessions cover what is beyond the basics. This includes subjects like methods for saving, creating and obtaining financial goals, retirement planning, understanding investment and insurance products, and being financially prepared to purchase a home.

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Focused Financial Learning: these are topic specific and can focus only on one particular aspect of Financial Literacy First. Thus, the company or organization can have a teacher come and only focus on such topics as tax planning, budgets, debt, credit, etc. These sessions can also be set up as a custom tailored learning session where more than one topic can be combined.

Class Length
Class length is based on hours. Classes are typically taught in 4 hour time periods, or broken up in multiple days, but time and number of days can be adjusted to fit the needs of the organization or company.




Basic Pricing for Basic Financial Literacy and Focused Financial Learning
$95 per person for 2 classes, 3 hours each (can be compressed to 1 day class)
$125 per person for 3 classes, 3 hours each
$200 per person for 4 classes, 3 hours each

Advanced Fin Lit
$250 per person for 4 classes, 4 hours each

Custom Tailored Classes individually priced