The Introduction


Mission Statement


Understanding The Problem

Financial Literacy First is a non-profit whose goal is to create economic empowerment.  There are many that lack financial literacy but in today’s economy there are 4 basic problems:

  • Emergency Funds: do you have one?

  • Purchasing a house: are you in a position to buy a home or are you only able to rent?

  • Purchasing a car: are you able to purchase a car with cash or do you have to finance?

  • Student loan debt: do you have it? How much is it? Are you paying on your loan debt? What is your loan debt preventing you from purchasing?

According to DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation study.

According to DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation study.


Our Goal


Providing a Solution

Financial Literacy First has been delivering results since we opened in 2014. Our goal is to provide both a superior student/participant experience and tremendous value for interactive learning methods.

We are passionate about exceeding your expectations for understanding money management concepts and techniques.  Ultimately we seek to improve our society by reducing dependency on Pawn Shops and Pay Day Loan establishments while increasing the knowledge of budgeting, savings, and economic responsibility.  We seek to empower our society with greater financial tools.

As a Non-Profit organization we are specialists in Financial Literacy Classes for organizations, non-profits and companies.  As experienced teachers, trainers and instructors we are professionals with Business, Accounting & Tax backgrounds.  Though our primary market for classes is for the ages of 17-25 year old, we also provide more advanced classes for the more mature student.