Carla M. Vaughn, MBA


As a graduate in Finance and International Marketing, Ms. Vaughn has had over 20 years of business experience. Those skills, coupled with being a teacher and trainer, has allowed her to utilized her skills to be an effective instructor and administrator. With a background additionally in business, and running a financial company, she has many of the talents needed to guide the working operations of Financial Literacy First.

As a graduate of Jones International University (Cumma Su Laude), and a graduate of Wayne State University (B.S. . dual management major), she is well versed on academia. With a passion to lead others to economic empowerment, Ms. Vaughn, is constantly striving to make our communities a better place. This means she is committed to educating both the young person and older worker. As the owner of Business & Financial Management Services, her profession puts her in front of many small business owners and individuals ( This pulse on the community means she is in touch with how important it is for people to become financially literate.


David C. Gibson


With several years as a leading Accountant for Fortune 500 companies, David brings a larger perspective to Financial Literacy First.  His degree in Accounting and business experience makes his talents and skills valuable.  

Mr. Gibson is widely known to have a passion for community involvement and supporting the aims of religious organizations.  His personal experience as a father has made him particularly sensitive to understanding the needs of young people to be financially literate.  Having graduated from Liggett High School, earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, and several years of community service, Mr. Gibson has been an ideal fit for this position of Co-Founder & Corporate Director of Accounting & Finance.

His professional experience includes working with such companies as Lucent, AT & T, zetcom North America, Business & Financial Management Services, Robert Half, and many more.  This experience makes him a well rounded professional that can navigate Financial Literacy First into being a sound, progressive organization.


Mary Hammon

Corporate Director of Operations

As the Corporate Director of Operations, Mr. Hammon oversees all of the functions of Financial Literacy First. She ensures compliance for internal controls with staff credentials, provides confidence that our relationship partners understand how classes work, and makes sure our business relations stay in tack. She has a Bachelor of Science (Operations Management at Mary Grove College) and a Masters in Public Administration (University of Colorado -Denver). She has over seven years experience in private sector as a small business owner and working as a consultant, with an additional six years experience in nonprofit work as a mentor and program lead.

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Susan Waters

Corporate Director of Risk Management

Susan is an accomplished Legal Professional with over 20 years of experience.  With her master problem skills, and her ability to trouble shoot she is an asset for Financial Literacy First.  Her background includes ICCESS filings, pleading preparation, U.S. Bankruptcy filings, legal searches, trial exhibit preparation, management of depositions and acting as liaison with court reporters.  She is also experienced with attorney’s dockets, mergers/acquisitions and IPO’s, litigation procedures, filings and risk management.

Ms. Waters has also served as a Contract Legal Assistant which makes her an ideal Board Member that can ensure compliance with legal regulations and help ensure the protection of our organization.  Furthermore she holds an Associates degree in Business (Sheridan College) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming.  Her professional expertise and involvement as a volunteer for the Basset Hound Rescue attests to her commitment to risk management and compassion.

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Julie Bryan

Senior Social Media and Marketing Director

As a non-profit it is essential for us to explain our message to people. Ms. Bryan is a Associate in the newest outlet reaching millions of people everyday on social media sites, creating content that speaks to individuals at all levels of business. She has years of experience in the field engaging individuals of all ages and creating content on our online platforms. Her role changes everyday but you can always find her hard at work online on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us on social media for more info and daily tips on finance. @finlitfirst.

You may not know yet but non-profits depend on your support everyday for funding and support. Whether is completing fundraising campaigns or reaching people on their mobile devises Ms. Bryan is our go to for the new age tech. As a young entrepreneur she knows how to use the information she has learned through our classes and information to excel both mentally and financially.  Just ask her about her experience working with Financial Literacy First and she will give you the scoop.


Donald Murphy

Corporate Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Community Relationships are vital to how Financial Literacy First connects knowledge and financial empowerment to our society, With several years managing small businesses and having a strong community advocacy ethic, Mr. Murphy is a true anchor of our cause. His responsibilities include ensuring our public image remains inline to our Mission and Purpose of partnering for a better society. With his efforts we are able to demonstrate the true value of educating people and providing the tools necessary to have a more prosperous existence.

As the founder of Project Purpose Today which works with disadvantaged youths in Aurora, CO, Mr. Murphy has many years in community leadership.  As a father of 3, his goal is to improve the lives of young people and help them avoid social-economic pitfalls.  He understands that importance of knowledge and economic empowerment.


Lynette Adams

Corporate Director of Donor

Management & Fundraising

Donor Management and Fundraising functions are important to our organization. Lynn has been an important part of establishing Financial Literacy First. Lynn understands the importance leadership, partnership building, brand management, and community outreach. Her role is to help Financial Literacy First maintain their non-profit status, be success with grant applications and create profitable fundraisers.

Her background includes her current role as the Assistant Director of the Community College of Aurora and an adjunct faculty member for the University of Denver. Additionally she has been a Lead Instructor and conference presenter for over 7 years for a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations and companies.

Because community leadership and dedication is important to us, Ms. Adams has donated hours upon hours doing charity and community relations work. Her passion to education and create economic responsibility for our youth makes her a valuable asset to Financial Literacy First.