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We are happy to announce that our organization has adapted to the needs of our supporters, teachers, volunteers and students.

Our New Mission Statement:

As a membership based, nonprofit charity, we are dedicated to financially educating individuals, especially the disadvantaged youth, so that they can make better life decisions. Our goal is to successfully administer Financial IQ Classes, Power Hours and provide scholarships.

What's Financial Literacy First?


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Financial Tips

  • Financial tips are regularly updated. December tip: Don't end the year in debt or start the New Year in debt because of holiday shopping. The best way to manage holiday spending is set a budget for both gift giving and entertainment and stick to it. This takes practice and self-promise. Some easy to do budgeting methods is handcrafted gifts!


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What’s Financial Literacy First?

We are a Colorado based, 501c3 nonprofit, public charity organization that is dedicated to uplifting our community.  We were established in 2014 and was granted our nonprofit status by the IRS in 2018.  During the years we have focused primarily on the 16-25 year olds in our community, Denver Metro.  Over the last few years we have expanded our reach to serve the 25-55+ year olds.

What Does Financial Literacy First Do?

Financial Literacy First performs two main functions:  Financial IQ Classes and Power Hours.  Our other two functions is to provide scholarships to those in need and encourage schools and organizations to adapt our Teach The Teachers Program where we mentor and share our program for sustainability.  See our Services page for more information.

Financial IQ Classes

These classes are designed to cater to the 16-25 year olds in the classrooms or other groups.  We have successfully developed 36 lesson plans and administer them in person or online.  Sponsoring schools, clubs, or organizations can choose to engage us for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or an entire semester.  For more information just send us a message from the Contact Us page or call us at 720-862-6530.  We will be happy to send you a video about our organization, our history and catalogue.

Power Hours

These classes are designed ideally for those that have already mastered the Basics 101.  Classes are geared towards those wanting to gain more knowledge about topics such as Cryptocurrency, investing, being home buyer ready, etc.  Like our Financial IQ Classes all classes are taught by experts in their field so participants can not only learn about the topics but ask questions from the experts or set up a consultation offline.  Reach out to us on the Contact Us page or call us for details at 720-862-6530. 


We are always available if you have an interest in being a teacher [non-certified] or want to be a Support Volunteer.  Teachers teach either youth or adults either in person or via zoom. Support Volunteers do work behind the scenes and tasks may include helping out with administration, supporting an event, helping a teacher in the classroom, or social media/tech assistance.  Just reach out!

Donations are always appreciated and welcomed.  You can also become a member donor in which your dollars help support our organization and scholarship program for as low as $20 a month. Membership does have it benefits, so you should consider.  If you care to donate as a onetime event, you can or become a Premier, Silver, Bronze or Gold Donor.  Donations are taken on this site, Facebook, or mailing in a check to our office.

Attend a class!  We are always offering online and in person classes.  Just check the schedule and find the right class for you or your family to attend.  Class times and topics change over time so please check back if you can't attend one already set up.  You can also request a certain class at a certain time and we will do our best to accommodate.

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"Financial Literacy First" is a 501(c)3 public non-profit organization. 

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