Why Donate?

When you contribute to Financial Literacy First you are taking the first step to making a difference in a participant’s life to become economically responsible. That responsibility translates into less of dependency on parents/grandparents, seeking out and using Pawn shops, using Pay Day Loan establishments, and a reduction with financial crimes.

When you contribute you make a change! You not only affect the life of a person who takes one of our classes, but your contribution can affect the world we all live in.

When you make a donation to Financial Literacy First you are helping us provide materials to students that can not afford their class and materials. We work closely with Colorado communities and youth groups all around Denver. Your donation is always first allocated to the at-risk-youth so that they can attend classes. We work with community leaders that often are already working with this sector of the community and are ready participants.

Financial Literacy First! Donation Goal


As a non-profit, donations are vital to the success of our mission the change the financial lives of each class participant. Sponsorship allows businesses and organizations to pay for students to take classes and therefore ensure that more people become financially knowledgeable.

Our short term donation goal is $5,000. This will allow 40 students to attend the Basic Budgeting Class. This in depth class’s subject matter is: How to keep a Budget, Why Save, and How to Understand Your Credit Score. All of these topics are a foundation to better money management.

If we are to help our young people get out of (or manage) their student debt, afford to purchase a house, and end the cycle of borrowing, we need compassionate people like yourself to donate.

Click one of the links to donate!

Click one of the links to donate!